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Best Ugly Bagels – Bringing Montreal To The Capital

Al Brown’s latest gastronomic venture, Best Ugly is set to change locals perceptions on what a decent traditional Jewish bagel should taste like.

Having spent a stint residing in Montreal, Canada, Brown fell in love with the local Polish Jewish community’s take on bagels. A slightly different incarnation than its more commonly known New York cousin, the Montreal bagel is a sweeter, chewier variety than the salty and puffy New York classic.

Each Best Ugly bagel is lovingly hand rolled before being simmered at 88 degrees in water that’s been sweetened with honey, it’s then finished off by being baked in a wood fired oven. The result is a slightly sweet, dense, chewy bagel – just the way it should be.

We spent a morning capturing the sights and sounds of Best Ugly's central Wellington outpost on Te Aro Street.