Content, Social and Experiential


Listen, think, create, amplify.


Welcome to Supernormal.

We are story-tellers. We are designers of new and engaging experiences. We shape online conversations and understand how content can connect our partners to people with purpose.

A team of filmmakers, writers, directors, photographers, editors, producers and artists working collaboratively to create original material for multiple platforms.

Our core team often extends to a broader circle of collaborators, specialists and agencies to meet unique project requirements. Because as you know, who doesn’t like fresh ideas.

Those fresh ideas are great, but high grade execution and delivery should be just as thoughtful as the solution. With that, we understand financial imperatives and quarterly targets, running a lean and agile structure in business and on projects.

We value ambition and the opportunity to stretch ourselves creatively to immerse brands in defining popular culture. Developing and executing meaningful ideas that inspire us as much others.

In a new world order, using content to create solutions is at the heart of what we do for our clients. From quick deliveries for social and digital media, to large scale TVCs and editorial pieces. We work with major New Zealand and international brands alongside leading independent niche players taking them through our unique process from ideation to outcome.

Before anything is made or shared, we like to start by listening. If you want to talk, our contact details are here.